CUPE 3913 Newsletter January 2023

Hi everyone,

Below the newsletter, you’ll find additional, more detailed information regarding appointments for sessional lecturers.

Appointments for Sessional Lecturers

We often receive questions regarding appointments to positions involving open competitions for sessional lecturers. This information is general and does not specifically speak to appointments for TAs or positions that hold the Right of First Refusal (RoFR). When there is an open competition for a sessional lecturer position and two or more candidates apply and the qualifications are demonstrably equal, then the most senior candidate should receive the appointment.

Demonstrably equal is a hard term to define, but the University must determine qualifications. As per Article 11 of our collective agreement, before hiring, a selection committee must establish a rubric for evaluating applicants’ applications. The rubric will be specific to the position and could include things like education, publications, previous teaching experience in the area, other work experience, seniority points, etc. One candidate may have strengths in one area and another candidate has strengths in a different area. On the rubric, the areas would be scored for each applicant. If two candidates are relatively equal, then the most senior candidate should receive the offer. If a lower senior candidate is demonstrably more qualified, as per the rubric, then the lower senior candidate would receive the job offer.

If you believe you should have received an offer but did not, feel free to reach out to us. We can discuss your specific concern and we can contact the University for more information around that specific hiring decision. It is worth questioning if you have questions regarding hiring.


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