Unit 1 EFAF

Here to Help Unit 1 Members with Unexpected Expenses

Get up to a $500 disbursement for expenses not covered by OHIP or UHIP. Submit Claim Criteria for Disbursement

CUPE 3913 Unit 1 Emergency Financial Assistance Fund

Every Unit 1 member can claim up to and including a maximum of $500 per academic year. Members have coverage up to One (1) year after their last work assignment

EFAF Medical Coverage

EFAF Childcare Coverage

EFAF Transportation Coverage

EFAF Domestic Coverage

EFAF Force Majeure Coverage

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the President (president@cupe3913.on.ca) or Shelly Sarkisian, CUPE 3913’s Administration and Finance Coordinator, at adminfinance@cupe3913.on.ca.