Voting Period Coming Up!

Web-posted:March 8, 2018 by President

The following people are running for positions at CUPE 3913 this year.
The results will be announced at the AMM, on Thursday April 5th, 5pm-8pm, Mackinnon 223.
Stay tuned for the voting period, coming soon!

Finance Officer — Soroush Ebadi
Equity Officer — Leila Afrasiabi
Member Representative — Mohammad Heidari

OAC College Steward — Fawn Turner
CBS College Steward — Caleb Axelrod
CEPS College Steward — Mohammadhossein Hajiyan
CSAHS College Steward — Brittany Andor
OVC College Steward — Nicole Weidner

Psychology Department Steward — Omorowa Eguakan
Engineering Department Steward — Yasaman Daneshi
International Development Studies Department Steward — Ashley Delarge
Sociology and Anthropology Department Steward — Alexandra Mirowski Rabelo de Souza
School of Enviro. Design and Rural Development — Mery Perez
Plant Agriculture Department Steward — Joshua Nasielski
SES Department Steward — Nicola Linton
Department of Food Science — Chelsey Tremblay
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology — Ashley Cheng