Statement on Member’s Return to Campus

To members,

CUPE 3913 has been in regular consultation with the University throughout the Summer concerning the development of their COVID-19 back to campus plan, and we will continue to do so during this academic year. In those meetings we have emphasized our concern for the health and safety of our members, and have asked for the University to clarify their protocols.

The Union is pleased that the University of Guelph has mandated vaccinations for the Main and Ridgetown campuses, and that Guelph-Humber has followed suit. This is an important step, but more work is needed to ensure the campus is as safe as possible for everyone. As the semester rolls out, we will keep you updated on any issues that arise via email from your department stewards, on our Twitter account, and on this website.

This semester it is especially crucial that we maintain communication between members and the Union. If you suspect that a health and safety violation of any kind has occurred or is in progress, please contact your department or College steward or one, some, or all of the following Executive members:

We will make sure to advise you on your options, and contact the University and address the situation as quickly as possible if needed. Keep in mind that as members of CUPE 3913 you are workers, that classrooms, labs, and offices are places of work, and as such you have the right to a safe working environment. Your Union is here to serve and represent our members if they feel unsafe.

If you have health concerns previous to the start of or early on in the fall semester, please contact Occupational Health and Wellness as soon as possible. You may be eligible for medical accommodation. If you are in an unusual situation that doesn’t necessarily fall within the parameters of eligibility for an accommodation, please contact me; if the circumstances are warranted, The Union will contact the University on your behalf to seek an accommodation.

We understand that a significant level of uncertainty remains among CUPE 3913 members concerning the practical implementation of the University’s plan, and that questions and issues remain that the University needs to clearly articulate to faculty, staff, students, and visitors. We should also be aware that this is an ongoing process that has and will continue to change throughout the academic year. We want you to know that CUPE 3913 is in constant contact with the University on these issues, and will hold them to their commitments, push them for answers, and hold them accountable if they do not meet them.

Last, we strongly encourage all members who can get vaccinated to do so before the semester begins; the Union considers this as an act of solidarity with our membership and with all who work on campus. We may not all know each other, but we do know that we each value our own health and safety, and cherish those of our loved ones. Let’s make it our priority to protect one another.



Dr. Scott Duchesne, President

CUPE 3913


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