MGS Submission Date Extended

Hi everyone,

The deadline to submit a Member in Good Standing (MGS) form has been extended from Wednesday, February 24 (today) to Monday, March 1. We are doing this to ensure that those members who wish to vote have enough time to submit their form. There will be no further extensions, as voting begins on Wednesday, March 3.

Next Wednesday, every member who is a Member in Good Standing will receive an email with information on how to vote. If you are a MGS, and have evidence that you are, and you do not receive this email next Wednesday, please contact the Elections Officer ( and inform them. You must include evidence that you are a MGS (i.e. a photo of a CUPE card with your name and signature, and the signature of an authorized CUPE 3913 member). We will then add you to the list. You will have until Wednesday, March 10 to contact us about this matter. There will be no extension of this deadline.

Last, if you believe that you are an Member in Good Standing and you would like confirmation, contact the President ( before March 1, 2021, and they will let you know.



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