CUPE 3913 Election Candidates Statements

Hi everyone – below are the statements written by the candidates in this year’s contested positions, which are:

Vice President (Internal): Christopher Hempel and Nadeem Howlader.

Past Executive Officer: Iftekhar Chowdhury and Muhammad Saiful Islam.

We have included the candidate’s University of Guelph’s email address (with consent) if you have any questions.

If you have any questions about the election process, including timelines and deadlines, please contact us at

Christopher Hempel (

Hello fellow CUPE3913 members,

My name is Chris, I’m a fourth year PhD student in the department of Integrative Biology (IB) of the College of Biological Sciences (CBS). Some might remember me as the IB department steward or the CBS college steward. Due to my previous positions, I have quite some experience with CUPE3913. I’ve also been in close contact with the Executive in 2021 to reinstall honoraria of department stewards. My main goals as Vice President Internal will be to improve internal communication of the stewards and Executive as well as overall communication with members though emails, the website, and social media.

Nadeem Howlader (

Hi CUPE 3913 members,

My name is Nadeem. I am a fifth-year undergraduate student in the School of Computer Science. I have been a member of CUPE 3913 since the Fall of 2020 and since then I have noticed its impact on its members. The Union represents a group of employees who are working around the clock to ease into the responsibilities that have been assigned to them. My goals as Vice President Internal will be to stand by these hardworking individuals and work with the Committee towards their betterment. Communication is key within every team and so I would also take the initiative to speak with every rank-and-file member in our union, to voice their concerns and opinions. Lastly, I wish to advocate for the rights and benefits of our members and promote equal opportunities amongst all the members of CUPE Local 3913.

Iftekhar Chowdhury (

My name is Iftekhar, and I am currently working as Health & Safety Officer for the CUPE 3913 Executive Committee. I started this journey with CUPE in the Summer of 2020. My term as Health & Safety Officer will end this semester. It has been an amazing experience for me to get involved with the Union and work for our members. Our member’s health and safety concerns are always my top priority, and I am still actively working with the University’s Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) to ensure a safe and sound workplace environment for our members. While working as an HS officer, I have completed various Health & Safety training courses, one of the notable ones is that I have gained Ministry of Labour approved JHSC Certification. I wish to continue my journey with the Union to use my knowledge and experience for the betterment of our members, however since I have completed my Master’s, the only option remaining for me to run as Past Executive Officer. It will be a tremendous opportunity for me if you think that I am a suitable candidate for this position by casting your valuable vote in the upcoming election. Thank you all!

Muhammad Saiful Islam (

My name is Muhammad Saiful Islam and I seek your support through your valuable votes. As
my time as a Member Representative draws to a close, I’ve taken the decision to run for Past
Executive Officer of our CUPE 3913. Through my past work, I demonstrated skills and
initiative that are called for in this job. I bring the experience and tenacity needed to work
with the new committee members and I have the tact and enthusiasm to bolster the future
engagements of our CUPE 3913. From voicing the rights of stewards to supporting the
bargaining team, from reaching out to new members to assisting the executives in their roles,
I offer zest and insights, empathy and activism. With your valuable votes, I promise to keep
up your agendas and your demands with the help of the new executives. With your valuable
votes, I promise to collaborate with you and make CUPE 3913 your hub of resources.


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