Bylaws Approved by CUPE National

Web-posted:September 28, 2017 by President

We’re excited to announce that the Local has received approval for its revised bylaws from CUPE National and all of the mandatory changes have been made. We now have new bylaws which replace all other bylaws. We encourage all members to read and acquaint themselves with the Local’s new Bylaws

The two changes that were required by CUPE National were:

B.3.4 (e): It’s a requirement of the National Constitution that the President chair all meetings of the Local, so our previous edit that the President could designate a Chair at Executive meetings wasn’t allowed.

G.3.2: In order to insure consistency with the Strike Fund section, the word “salaries” has been replaced with the word “dues”.

No other changes have been made to the bylaws that members voted upon except for these two mandatory changes requested by CUPE National and changes to numbering, lettering, and pagination.

The Local would like to thank the Bylaws Committee for their dedicated efforts over the past year and all members who provided input or participated by voting.