Bargaining Survey Update: Thank you, Unit 1!

Web-posted:December 6, 2018 by President

The Unit 1 Survey closed this past Saturday, and the response was amazing! We received a record number of responses, and we’re currently working to determine your priorities as we enter a bargaining year. Many thanks and appreciation for our Unit 1 members.

To our Unit 2 members: you have until Wednesday, November 12 to complete your survey.
You can access the Unit 2 survey right here:

As you know, the bargaining survey is an absolutely essential tool for the Union to determine what issues are important to you as we enter a bargaining year in 2019. Our capacity to best represent our members at the bargaining table depends on knowing where you want to lead our Union. A high quantity and quality of data will not only benefit you, but all the members to come over the next few years. We only succeed when we succeed together.

Please be aware that the data collection method used for this survey does not allow anyone to access the answers of individual respondents. The answers you give to the following questions are not being tracked, but are being added to the database of answers given by all respondents. Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed.
The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete; the time you might take out of a day to read a chapter, or to scroll through your Instagram while sipping a coffee.
Speaking of which …

We still have ten (10) Tim Hortons gift cards (worth $10 each) to give away! Enter your contact information at the end of the survey if you would like to participate in the draw! We will be choosing winners next week, and we will be announcing the winners (and where to pick up your cards) by December 18.