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Committees & Caucuses

CUPE Local 3913 has several working committees and caucuses. All members are welcome to join a committee or a caucus. For more information please contact committee and caucus chairs by emailing them directly. Email addresses for all members of the Executive Committee can be found on our Representatives and Staff page. Note: In order to join a caucus, you must identify as a member of the group that the caucus represents.


Executive Committee

Chair: Scott Duchesne , President

Member: For a complete list, see the list of Executive Committee members.

Mandate: To ensure the smooth, professional, and orderly running of the Local (see the Bylaws for a full description).

Email: president@cupe3913.on.ca

Finance Committee

Chair: Scott Duchesne , President

Mandate: To administer the Local’s funds and to perform, supervise, and adjudicate financial transactions on behalf of the Local including but not limited to benefits, insurance, and membership dues.

Email : president@cupe3913.on.ca

Grievance Committee

Chair: Abu Raihan , Chair Grievance Officer

Mandate: To review and file (where appropriate) individual and policy grievances and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee about cases to be put forward for arbitration (see the Bylaws for a full description).

Email: grievance@cupe3913.on.ca

Health & Safety Committee

Chair: Iftekhar Hussain , Health & Safety Officer

Mandate: TTo discuss the mandate, minutes, and agendas of the Central Joint Health & Safety Committee (CJHSC), to prepare for CJHSC meetings, and to discuss issues and concerns raised by members about the health and safety of their workplace.

Email: hs@cupe3913.on.ca

Stewards Committee

Chair: Farhan Chowdhury , Unit 1 Steward; Ahmed Mahmood, Unit 2 Steward

Mandate: To organise and guide College Stewards and Departmental Stewards and to maintain a network of stewards (see the Bylaws for a full description).

Email: unit1@cupe3913.on.ca

Email: unit2@cupe3913.on.ca

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Edith Wilson, President

Mandate: To review and make recommendations for regular revisions of the Bylaws.

Bargaining Committee

Chair: Scott Duchesne, President

Mandate: To research, establish priorities, and strategize for the next round of bargaining with the Employer. Our current Collective Agreement is due to expire on August 31, 2016.

Management Committee (External)

Chair: Edith Wilson, President

Mandate: To address issues that arise from the interpretation of the Collective Agreement between the Union and the Employer (see the Unit 1 and Unit 2 Collective Agreements for a full description).

Communication Committee

Chair: Kelsey Allen, Vice President Internal & Ella Harvey, Vice President External

Mandate: To establish protocols for communicating with members on a regular basis and to coordinate membership on University and community committees and advocate for members (see the Bylaws for a full description).


Women’s Caucus

Chair: Nour Abu Hosan 

Email: women@cupe3913.on.ca

International Teaching Assistant Caucus

Chair: : Alessia Ursella 

Email: international@cupe3913.on.ca

Queer Caucus

Chair: Richard  Valliere 

Email: queercaucus@cupe3913.on.ca

Members with Disabilities Caucus

Chair: Syeda ManjiaTahsien

Email: disabilitiescaucus@cupe3913.on.ca

Graduate Service Assistant-1 (GSA-1) Caucus

Chair: Zoha Barzideh

Email: gsa1caucus@cupe3913.on.ca

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Caucus

Chair: Vacant

Email: utacaucus@cupe3913.on.ca

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

John Doe

Representatives & Staff

President, Scott Duchesne

Vice-President Internal, Mohammad Muhaiminul Islam

Vice-President External, Mohammad Heidari

Unit 1 Steward, Farhan Chowdhury

Unit 2 Steward, Ahmed Mahmood

Finance Officer, Soroush Ebadi

Grievance Officer, Abu Raihan

Equity Officer, Yesha Patel

Health and Safety Officer, Iftekhar Hussain

Past Executive Officer, Brittany Andor

Member Representative, Trishan Deb Abhi

Member Representative, Kevin Roberts

Member Representative, Muhammad Saiful Islam

Member Representative, Mahmood Ghazizadel

University of Guelph Humber-Vacant

College of Business and Economics (CBE), Lena Jingen Liang

College of Biological Science (CBS), Chris Hempel

College of Arts (COA), Kyle Novak

College of Physical and Engineering Science (CPES), Mohammadhossein Hajiyan

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS), Omorowa Eguakun

Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), Nastaran Chalabisnlou

Ontario Veterinary College (OVC)-Vacant

Graduate Service Assistant (GSA-1) Caucus Chair, Zoha Barzideh

International Teaching Assistant Caucus Chair, Alessia Ursella

Members with Disabilities Caucus Chair, Syeda Tahsien

Queer Caucus Chair, Richard Valliere

Women’s Caucus Chair, Nour Abu Husan

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Caucus Chair-Vacant

3-year, (Vacant)

2-year, (Vacant)

1-year, (Vacant)

Elections Officer, (Vacant)

Labour Relations Coordinator, Manuel Marques


Finance Assistant, Shelly Sarkisian

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About Us

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union, with 700,000 members across the country. CUPE represents workers in health care, emergency services, education, early learning and child care, municipalities, social services, libraries, utilities, transportation, airlines and more. It has more than 70 offices across the country, in every province.


The basic unit of CUPE is the local. The members of each CUPE local, by majority vote, set the structure and by-laws of the local. The local represents a group of employees and negotiates the Collective Agreement (CA) with the employer, which governs the wages, benefits, and working conditions. Once a collective agreement is established between the union and the employer, the union ensures that it is not violated by management.


CUPE Local 3913 at the University of Guelph encompasses two types of workers which are divided into two units with separate Collective Agreements. Unit 1 is the bargaining unit for all Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Service Assistants employed in work directly related to the academic

enterprise, and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants. Unit 2 is the bargaining unit for all persons employed under contract as Sessional Lecturers to teach in University degree credit courses.

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