Submit a Benefit Claim

Complete your profile

  1. Click on the change password link found in the registration email you received through your university email
  2. Enter the new password. Make it as secure as possible
  3. Visit the website for your login
  4. Click on the dashboard button or the icon beside the search field at the top right corner of the website
  5. Enter your credentials in the login form
  6. Go to the profile page and scroll down to the end of the page to “personal information”
  7. Fill in your personal phone number and email
  8. Save your information
  9. You are now set to submit a benefits claim
  10. If you have any problem with the reset link, visit the website and try reset password.

Submit a benefit claim

  1. Make sure you have finalized your registration through the new website
  2. Make sure you have your paperwork from GSA showing the amount covered by your health plan and the receipts from the health/dental provider
  3. Login to the website and visit the “Cupe management” link at the left of the page
  4. On the “Cupe Management” page setup your dependents if you are Unit 2 and have any dependents in the “Family Tree” tab
  5. Any dependent added need to be approved by CUPE admin before you can submit any claim for them
  6. Once ready to submit a claim, please visit the tab “My Claims
  7. Select the dependent or your self to whom the claim will be
  8. Enter the amount requested
  9. Add any comments such as Dental, Prescription drugs, etc.
  10. Attach the documents required
  11. Click submit
  12. The form will be pending until its processed by the Administration and Finance Coordinator
  13. Once approved the status will change from pending to approved/processed
  14. You will receive an email confirming or declining your claim based on the status of your account and the information provided.


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