Bargaining Update

Web-posted:November 21, 2019 by President

Hi everyone,


This past week we had our third meeting with the University (the employer) to present several more of our proposals, and to respond to theirs. There is not much else to say regarding the substance of this meeting; we are planning to complete our proposals at our next meeting on November 29, and we have asked the employer to do the same. Our final meeting of the year will be on December 11. We will break until the new year, when the negotiations will begin in earnest. In these next two meetings we will be raising wage and benefits issues, as well as our tuition indexation proposal, which is one of our key asks in this round of bargaining.


I wish to remind you of the meeting on Monday, December 9, at 7:00 in UC 442 where we will make our case and hold a strike vote. I cannot emphasize to you enough the importance of a robust member turnout and a strong ‘yes’ vote; it will give us the leverage we need to ensure that we come to an equitable agreement with the employer. At that meeting we will be making the case for a strong strike vote, so please attend if you are able.


I wish to also note that members who cannot make the meeting will have the opportunity to vote on Tuesday December 10 and Wednesday December 11. You will be able to drop in from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on both days at the union office (25 University Avenue East) and vote. Guelph-Humber members will be sent a postage-paid envelope and a ballot that they can mail back to the union. We wish as many of us to have a voice in this very important bargaining round.


Last, the fight to get tuition indexation into our CA will require our combined efforts. The employer will likely refuse to negotiate on this matter, so we will need to apply the outside pressure needed to convince them to bargain this proposal. We need to speak in one voice, and we need all of your voices. We will keep you updated on activities or campaigns on this issue; as with the strike vote, the more of us participate and speak, the louder and more forceful the message.