Special Membership Meeting 

On November 17, we held a Special Membership Meeting where the Executive Committee provided additional information about the issues we've been encountering with the union that represents our staff. We had an excellent turnout and were able to answer all questions and the Executive Committee received important guidance from members.

Thank you to everyone who could attend!

At the meeting, members voted in favour of negotiating a one year contract with the University of Guelph in 2016. Bargaining a one-year contract will mean focusing on monetary areas of the Collective Agreement and waiting until 2017 to do a full round of bargaining. This decision was made to avoid the overlap between negotiations with the University of Guelph and with the union representing out staff, that would otherwise be happening concurrently. If you were not able to attend the meeting but want more information, please get in touch with Ashley Wilson at

From November 1 - 6, Ashley Wilson (President) and Cameron Kroetsch (Past Executive Officer) attended the CUPE National Convention in Vancouver. The Convention takes place every two years and is an opportunity for Locals to direct the initiatives, goals, and work of CUPE National by voting on resolutions and amendments to the Constitution.

Delegates at the Convention voted on important issues, such as changing the language in the CUPE National Equality Statement to be inclusive of all genders, supporting the inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and starting a campaign to increase funding for Post-Secondary Education.

There were two major disappointments at the CUPE National Convention: a failed vote on introducing additional seats for equity seeking groups on the National Executive Board and a failed vote to eliminate the waiting period for strike pay. Delegates at Convention voted and spoke out against adding seats to the National Executive Board for Women, Young Workers, Workers with Disabilities, and LGBTTI workers. We were also unsuccessful in eliminating the 10 day waiting period for strike pay, meaning that locals will continue to bear the burden of paying members during the first 10 days of strike, which can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Despite this, the Convention was an important learning opportunity and allowed us the chance to meet people from other locals, especially other academic locals, and talk about our concerns and issues, but also strategies and tactics. We were able to find support and connections that will help us in future rounds of bargaining and when we encounter issues on our campus and we are better prepared to offer the same support to other locals.

 International Teaching Assistants Social Mix

A huge thank you to all International Teaching Assistants and especially to those who were able to attend our social mix on November 9. I greatly appreciate your time and good discussions that we had during the social.

Central to our discussion was the subject on our UHIP reimbursement; your suggestions will be taken into consideration during our next round of bargaining with Management.

Here is a quick follow-up on where and how to check your UHIP reimbursement for this Fall semester: 

1) Go to the HR page of the university and click on the Pay and Pension Link
2) Log in with your username and password
3) Under the October 22 pay stub, you should see the amount for UHIP reimbursement.

If you have not been reimbursed, or if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Watch out for our next Social Mix in the Winter semester! 


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