April Newsletter
You remain a member of the union for a year after your last work assignment (GTA/Sessional). If you're receiving this newsletter you are still eligible for claiming benefits!
Unit 1 members (Teaching Assistants): 
Eligible to claim vision care expenses up to $200 per academic year for themselves, their spouses or partners, and their dependants
Unit 2 members (Sessional Lecturers):
Eligible to claim any expenses under the Income Tax Act 118.2(2) up to $800 per academic year for themselves, their spouses or partners, and their dependants

Current academic year: September 1, 2015 - September 1, 2016

Submit claims online through our website: 

Does your office have a broken window, heating issue, mold, or any other potential hazard?

Please call Physical Resources to place a work order: (519) 824-4120 ex. 53854

Any health, well-being or safety concerns, suggestions, or questions regarding the Guelph campus or your assignment role?

Please email our Health & Safety Rep., Katya at hs@cupe3913.on.ca
CUPE 3913 Disability Rights Caucus is looking for NEW MEMBERS!

In April 2016 we will create a Plan of Action for disability rights at University of Guelph.
For more information, please contact:

Members with Disabilities Representative,

2016 - 2017 Election Results

Your new Executive Committee, Stewards, and Trustees for 2016-2017 have been elected and acclaimed. Here they are:

Executive Committee:
President: Ashley Wilson
Vice-President External: Jess Notwell
Vice-President Internal: Sylvia Han
Unit 1 Steward: Elie Chamoun
Unit 2 Steward: Ahmed Mahmood
Finance Officer: Caroll Lau
Grievance Officer: Daniel Griffin
Equity Officer: Leila Afrasiabi
Health and Safety Officer: Katya Pogrebtsova
Past Executive Officer: Cameron Kroetsch
Member Representative: Danielle Haynes

University of Guelph Humber Steward: Ingrid Brand
Psychology Department Steward: Grace Ewles

3-Year Trustee: David Birkett
2-Year Trustee: Charlotte McCallum
1-Year Trustee: Liz Cherry

There are still vacancies in many positions. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Union please contact us about one of the following vacancies.

Looking Ahead to Bargaining

The Collective Agreement governs everything related to your work as a TA, Sessional, or Graduate Service Assistant - your hours, wages, benefits, and seniority among other things. In Fall 2016, we'll be negotiating a new Collective Agreement, and we need to work together to not only maintain the rights we have now but to make working conditions better for members. At the Annual Membership Meeting, members voted on priorities for bargaining, including better benefits, increased supports and resources for equity seeking groups, clear hiring and performance evaluations procedures, and better job security. It's important that we're united through bargaining so we can negotiate a strong agreement and maintain your rights. In the coming months we'll be launching campaigns and doing outreach to get feedback and provide information about the demands we'll be making at the bargaining table. There are lots of way to help out as we prepare.
If you'd like to be involved in the bargaining process, please contact Ashley Wilson at president@cupe3913.on.ca

Disability Rights

1. Each UofG student has an equal right to a quality education. UofG is required to accommodate every student with disabilities unless it is truly not possible (very rarely). Students can work with SAS on an individualized accommodation plan.

Examples of accommodations include: extra time for assignments or exams, modified curriculum,  alternative evaluation methods (ie. oral), materials in advance/alternative formats, adaptive 
technology, supports in class, modifications to the way students are expected to complete a program or assignment, and changing requirements for Teaching Assistants. 

2. Accommodation Process

The accommodation process includes:
(i) an individualized assessment to understand what 
accommodations a student requires to have an equal education and how this can happen,      
(ii) the university providing individualized accommodations that respect the student’s dignity 
and allow the student to meet the essential requirements of the course or program, and         
(iii) regular reassessment of the plan.

3. Employees with Disabilities can contact ARCH Disability Law Centre for Help
Any UofG student or employee with disabilities who is not receiving the individualized accommodations needed to access equal education or employment experiences can contact 
ARCH Disability Law Centre for support.

Additional resources that students or employees with disabilities can use are:

- Meet with CUPE 3913 if you are a union Member (TAs and Sessional Instructors)
- Meet with Student Accessibility Services @UofG
- Visit the UofG Diversity and Human Rights Office
- Read the Ontario Human Rights Commission Guidelines on Accessible Education
- Read the Human Rights at the University of Guelph Policy


$25 cash prize

 Here’s how to win:
1. Complete the crossword puzzle
2. Write down the letters of the red outlined boxes and unscramble them to form a "secret word"
3.Once you've obtained the "secret word" email it to 
communications@cupe3913.on.ca with subject title: 
4. All submissions must be in by the deadline stated on the newsletter to be eligible.
5. Good luck and have fun!
The deadline for submissions is: April 22, 2016 @ 5:00 PM